How to buy a right gaming laptop at the best price

best gaming laptop

Gaming lovers don’t want to compromise on the quality of the gaming experience. Gaming laptops are the new age devices which are specially designed to meet the special requirements for gaming display, graphics, and speed. check out this buyers guide for the best gaming laptops.
There are certain specifications which should be looked at while buying a gaming laptop as mentioned in

• The battery usage, weight, and screen size: Depending upon your lifestyle, a choice can be made between heavy minimal portable laptops and lightweight, compact ones’. A screen size of 17-18 inches comes with a powerful CPU and therefore required a lot of power to operate as the battery drains out really fast, hence need to be on charging all the time. These are suitable for use at home and desks. In case you are always on the move laptops with the battery capacity of 7-8 hours, compact tablet laptops with a weight ranging less than 5 pounds are the best choice. The only constraint is a weaker CPU and slower speed.

• Graphics and display: Since games are designed in high graphics and virtual reality display mode, it is vital to experience the best display of color clarity and graphics. IPS based display with a wide viewing angle in the recent trend in the gaming market. OLED screens which are more popular in smartphones and tablets are a new development in the gaming laptop market but have limited choices. Resolution of 1080X1440 is considered appropriate with a GPU Crippling of 4K screen.

• Operating systems: The major component of any machine, CPU has to provide high speed and processing of multiple threads and cores required in the modern gaming scenario.The CPU core should be able to handle enough instruction per cycle and should also make the optimum use of the limited power available in case of super portable gaming laptops. Intel Core i7 offers the best processing and speed for gaming.

• Graphics settings: Gaming laptops require high-end graphic configuration. Since the processing of data and signal transmission is very stressful in gaming laptop a robust GPU with a minimum of 4 GB, video memory is required. Graphics configuration should range between 1060p to 1080p for sharper and smoother graphic display. Some laptops have dual GPU with scalable link interface configuration to deliver high frame rates and graphic performance.

• Keyboard and touchpads: Anti-ghosting feature in keyboards help the player to press multiple keys at a time. Backlight on the keyboard can be a real value-add. The actuation levels which is basically the force required to press each key should be about 60 grams to have a stress-free gaming experience.

• Storage: Speedy processing is the prerequisite for all gaming stations. Therefore, SSDs are the favorite for the gaming laptop. A storage of minimum 1 TB hard drive is necessary to get speed for 7200 rpm, which is decent for gaming requirements.

budget gaming laptops (under $1000) are the most sought-after gaming laptops. The configuration includes Intel Core i7 CPU, 1080p display with suitable color and brightness.
Storage of 1TB is available, in some places a good deal for SSDs are possible.

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